Artist's Statement

My vision originates within -- intellectually, emotionally -- and then finds itself in the real world, undefined until I freeze it with the click of a shutter.

Applying traits acquired as a child -- particularly the joys of a happy adventurer exploring his rural environment -- I search for visual treasures that I can capture as photographic images and bring home to show off to family and friends.

"Look what I found!" I'd say to my parents before presenting a brightly-colored maple leaf, a piece of blue glass sanded dull by the ocean's perpetual motion, or a small wiggling reptile for their examination.

Growing up in the New England village of Orland, Maine, in the 1950s allowed me the same freedom enjoyed by the wildlife around me, the opportunity to wander, explore and discover the wonders of my environment. Being part of the wild, natural world rather than a visitor helped integrate my unique participatory perspective into visual photographic expressions.

"Look what I saw! See how I saw it!" It's that exact moment of discovery, and my wish that the viewer could experience the thrill I felt, that drives the desire to display a photographic record of what my mind's eye experienced during that moment of creation. That moment also describes the way I feel when presenting my finished work at public exhibitions. I'm thrilled about my visual discoveries and want to share them with everyone.